Frequently Asked


What does care aid do?

We wanted to make sure that care was affordable for all Australians, no one should have to forgo proper care.

How does care aid help?

Care aid helps carers and those in need of care to get connected, we provide a channel for communication, undertake independent checks and provide insurance to ensure all parties are protected.

What costs are associated?

Care Aid takes a small fee to help maintain the network of carers, however, we keep the costs as low as possible to ensure carers are paid fairly and care remains affordable.

Does care aid work with government funding?

Yes, care aid works with both the NDIS and self manage home care packages to ensure that everyone in need is able to find the best carer for their needs

Can organisation use care aid?

Yes care aid works with a number of organisations to help find incredible qualified carers for those in need.

How is care aid different?

Care aid is a completely online service that links up carers with those in need of care. Because Care Aid is completely online, we are alle to provide affordable prices for all those in need without compromising on the quality of care.