Created by Australians for Australians


A platform built for you

Care Aid was created when a husband and wife working in the care industry got frustrated with how hard it was to connect with quality carers. They believed that there must be a better way. With so many people in need and so many incredible people wanting to help all that was needed was a quality platform to help connect these two.

A few simple goals

When we began to create Care Aid we had a few simple goals in mind. We wanted it to be simple, we wanted it to be efficient, we wanted it to be accessible and we wanted it to be affordable. To achieve these goals we had to carefully create a plan that would enable us to attain each together in a single platform.


We wanted to make sure that care was affordable for all Australians, no one should have to forgo proper care.


We knew that care needed to be simple, allowing anyone to find the perfect carer.


We wanted finding care to be accessible to everybody. All you should need is a computer.


We wanted it to be secure so you can find care privately. Your details are never shared without your approval.


We wanted care to be efficient, we have simplified the process to ensure it is efficient and affordable.

A simple mission driven by a beautiful vision

Our goal is to make sure that no one in our society is forgotten. We believe in a world where everyone who needs special care is given the care they need. We believe our role in making that vision a reality is to connect those in need with those who can help. Hence, our mission is to make accessing care easier than ever with Care Aid.

Save time and money by using Care Aid to connect with Australian Carers

What people have to say about Care Aid

“Care Aid has helped me find the perfect support workers for a range of clients. Searching all of the support workers and connecting is so simple and effective. I would recommend Care Aid to anyone who is in need of a carer”

Jason Waltz
Lead coordination at Support Australia