Care Aid is designed to work with your funding

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS is designed to help Australians accessible the care they need. Whether your NDIS funding is agency managed, plan managed or self mangled, Care Aid works along side the NDIS to help Australians access quality care.

How does it work?

Care Aid can connect directly with your agency to coordinate your carer, to get started connecting as an agency just contact the Care Aid team. If you have plan managed care you can create your own Care Aid profile and discuss with your plan manager how you would like to use Care Aid to connect with the perfect carer for you. When on a plan managed NDIS fund you will required to agree with your carer to a price that is set within the NDIS price limits.

If you are on a self-managed NDIS fund, you can get the most out of Care Aid. By self-managing your funds, you are able to create your own Care Aid account, begin browsing workers and pay for your support from your bank account. Additionally, you will not need to adhere to NDIS price limits and can discuss a fair hourly rate for both you and your carer.

A Care Aid sucess story

Before I tried Care Aid I was really struggling to find a good carer for my elderly father. They were either too expensive or just not the right fit. After signing up for Care Aid I was able to search and find numerous carers who were qualified to meet the unique needs of my father. After chatting with Care Aid support team with my requirements, they provided me with the right carer. Justine is now my fathers full time carer and he has never seemed more joyful.

- Macayla R

Save time and money by using Care Aid to connect with Australian Carers