How Care Aid Works

Care Aid is here to make caring easy

Built for Aussies

Created from Australian ingenuity, Care Aid is a completely online service that aims to connect carers with those in need of care. Being online allows us to charge less for care and pay more to carers who are working hard. Hence, Care Aid aims to benefit communities across Australia by connecting them.

Designed to be simple

Our goal was to create a service that made fining someone to care for you, a friend or a client as simple and easy as possible. This has been achieved by making a piece of software that has everything you need in one place.


Care Aid starts with the sign up of our carers

Carers from around Australia sign up to Care Aid. They fill in their details, their qualifications, the work they are willing to do and the hours they are willing to work. Then those looking for care searching in the allocated area will see their profile.


Carers are reviewed before being presented to you

All our carers are then manually approved to ensure that they are appropriate for presentation to those who are looking for care. If we have any questions we contact carers to swiftly resolve any problems before getting them connected.


Search, discover, and engage

Next those looking for carers have the opportunity to search by area, date needed for work and using other filters to identify ideal candidates. They can click into profiles and learn more about candidates.


Once you choose to engage a carer you can send a request

Once you have sent your request, your Care Aid Australia carer will be sent a notification to review your request. From here they can accept your request and you can begin receiving quality care.


You are protected

With custom insurance and oversight you can rest easy knowing that Care Aid is protecting you. With quality insurance and rigorous background checks you are in good hands.

Search thousands of nurses
instantly on Care Aid

Your privacy is protected

Your personal details are never shared to another party without your approval, this means you have complete control over who receives your contact details and full name. Details such as your work history and qualifications may be shared with those searching to ensure you are considered for all appropriate positions.