Care Aid Services

We are looking to help as many Australians we can

Nursing support

Care Aid is here to help connect your with qualified independent nurses. To ensure you receive quality care every nurse found Care Aid is independently check and verified.

Social support

To live a full and exciting life, we need social contact. For some mobility or health issues can prevent them from venturing out to socialise in the same way that others can. At care aid we believe that nothing should prevent you from having social contact.

Aged Care

Care Aid is striving to make gaining care as easy as possible. Whether you need help getting around, need someone to run some errands, or need someone to take you to a doctors appointment Care Aid can connect you with the perfect carer.

Made to work with government funding

National Disability Support Scheme

You can use your NDIS funding with Care Aid support workers. Whether you self-manage your NDIS funds or have a plan manager who manages your NDIS funds, we are always here to help.

Self-Managed Home Care Package

We focus on catering to your unique needs. To use your Home Care Package with Care Aid you may connect Care Aid with your registered self-managed provider. Everything has been designed to work with them.

Are you a Carer?

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Benefits of Care Aid

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