The Power Of Music

Music therapy is a new way that those with disabilities are using to help them with intellectual disabilities. Music therapists visit Australians in need in the comfort of their homes and create tailored sessions catered to the needs of each individual patient. A session may include:

• Listening to music played by a music therapist

• Listening to pre-recorded music

• Creating music

• Creating lyrics and songs

• Receiving resources to help you use music in your own time

• An online musical session


Musical therapy can have a range of benefits for those receiving care, just some of the benefits include:

• Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, music can help individuals control their breathing and feel relaxed and at ease.

• Music can affect your emotion, it can be used to cheer you up, excite you or relax you.

• Music can be a great motivator.

• Music can help some individual to control their anger.

• For those who struggle to speak, signing and music can be an incredible communicative outlet.

• Music activates the same areas of the brain used for speech-making it a real brain workout.

• Improve body language.

• Improve confidence.

• Improving fine motor function and control.

• Improving balance.

• Increasing physical independence.

In conclusion, music is another powerful way that therapists can use to help boost the quality of life for disabled Australians.