Pricing that is not only fair but amazing

Our goal is to make care and support accessible

Those in need pay less, those
helping make more!

Care Aid is completely online, this saves a lot of money, and these savings are passed straight on to you! Our goal was to create a situation where everybody wins.

Works with funding

Care Aid works with both NDIS funding and self-managed Home Care Packages ensuring you always have a say in who cares for you. It should always be your choice.

Everything included

Care Aid is here to make caring easy, we look after insurance, payment processing, and is completely flexible designed to work with your needs. Hire with peace of mind.

Fair pay for workers

The work our carers do is vitally important, their works is valued, so we make it our priority to pay workers fairly whilst providing competitive prices for you. Everybody wins.

Care Aid support worker

Care Aid’s main goal is to create accessible care, a part of that is minimising our costs in order to ensure you are provided with quality, affordable care. When compared to alternative Care Aid has the potential to save families and individuals thousands of dollars every single year.

At Care Aid we don’t believe in compromise, we believe affordable care is essential and so we do everything we can to ensure carers are paid fairly, and care remains affordable.

Care Aid nursing

Nursing care is essential to maintaining a healthy life for many Australians. However, it can be challenging to find affordable nurses. Our goal at Care Aid is to ensure every Australian in need can find affordable nurses to take care of their needs.

With Care Aid you can browse hundred of qualified nurses in your local area at affordable prices.

Incredible pay with incredible

Care Aid is designed to give both workers and care coordinators the ultimate choice when choosing who they work with and when they are available to work. During the sign up process workers are asked a range of questions that enable recruiters and support coordinators to immediately evaluate suitability for certain positions and allowing for quick and effective hiring.

Care Aid is dedicated to innovating our software to make sure all our users get the most out of using it. With the goal to make giving and accessing care accessible to everyone we hope you will become apart of this Australian Story

Make a difference and get started caring for Australians in need today.

What people have to say about Care Aid

“Care Aid has helped me find the perfect support workers for a range of clients. Searching all of the support workers and connecting is so simple and effective. I would recommend Care Aid to anyone who is in need of a carer”

Jason Waltz
Lead coordination at Support Australia